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I firmly believe that a diverse toolbox is a necessity. That's why I offer a background of agency and client experience, backed by a history in design, programming, writing, brand anagement, and consumer satisfaction. Combining my diverse skillset with equal parts of dedication, creativity, and passion helps me bring a clearer perspective of the bigger picture and ultimately, a better execution.

Key Achievements

GE Capital, Fleet Services - Proposal Redesign | Marketing Analyst

General Electric has to be one of my favourite brands to work with. As one of my first multinational experiences, there was a lot of existing content that needed to be absorbed in order to understand what GE meant to its customers.

After going through multiple RFPs, the business decided to revamp its entire process - upgrading from a very labour intensive yet generic finish into a best-in-class product.

Creation Process

The redesign of the process required not only a better product, but realized cost savings. I researched current leaders in proposal management and procured the best-in-class system. Key benefits realized from our existing system include:
  • Smart Answering - Automatically filling and formatting answers with minimum human interaction based on past bids and question database
  • Cloud Based - Giving online access to the RFP software, allowing access to in-process bids at home or in the office
  • Collaboration - As the system was based online, the RFP team was able to work between departments, businesses, and countries
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In investigating the existing product, I realized that the end-users of our Request for Proposals were tired of sludging through pages and pages of text. Utilizing my background in design, and borrowing from themes in the GE Annual Report, I redesigned the entire RFP, inserting pages of stunning graphics that emphasized our promise, created whitespace, and generally, improved the flow of the content - changing the experience from a chore to an enjoyable experience.


Let's face it - brown boxes with white labels are boring. When you are handling multiple proposals, it is not something to look forward to. But it doesn't have to be.

In designing a new box, the idea was to treat it like a present. Like opening the biggest present under a Christmas tree, it should have some weight, the slightest resistance to opening, and be designed to represent the quality of the offering inside.

Designing the box involved researching materials that were able to hold a clean finish but durable enough to stand shipment, procuring a manufacturer that was willing to do high quality and low volume while meeting our price point, and religiously following brand guidelines while being able to securely contain our product.

The box itself is flexible - able to hold a variety of binders, with a maximum of six 1 1/4" binders in addition to any pamphlets and trinkets on top. The outcome represented yet another step a best-in-class proposal, and a ridiculous amount of knowledge in boxes.

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After a successful first round of proposals, I wanted to make sure that the presentation was just as special our product.

By combining the same techniques used in the proposal, I was able to transform a slideshow showcasing products to an almost video-like story that showcased our promise to suppliers - showing existing relationships with the GE brand and bringing additional cost-savings and benefits to the end-users.


The project became best-in-class, quickly shared between GE businesses within the building, and expanding beyond into our U.S. counterparts. In addition, by showcasing unrelenting dedication to quality - from proposals to our products, we were able to increase our win rate, including the first proposal that the new process was implemented (coincidentally, one of the business' largest).
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Luminautics - Site and Brand Identity | Freelance

Luminautics is one of Toronto's leading edge technology firms, specializing in outdoor LED signage for the purposes of advertising. Breaking away from the industry, their goal is to disrupt the existing industry through innovation and simplicity via a unified proprietary hardware and software solution.

Following their product, Luminautics requested a site and brand that emphasized their core qualities: simplistic, friendly, and innovative.


In order to create the brand, I started with the basics - a solid font, an assortment of gem-tone colours, and three logos with similar themes, representing the company, the software, and the hardware. In addition to the look and feel, the content was massaged to soften the technical tone.


The scope of the work included three logos, website, PowerPoint decks, graphics sourcing and editing, content, and MailChimp setup and integration.
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Features and Usability

The site is designed to comply with HTML 5 and CSS, which ensured cross browser support, cleaner coding, and consistency. The logos are printable in black and white, greyscale, full colour, and on various backgrounds, including all brand colours (with the exception of the given logo's colour).


All work was created within a span of two weeks in order to ensure launch timing of a trade-show. This required close contact with Luminautics to ensure approval at key milestones including design, copy, and web-testing.
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